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Starbucks plans to open about 22,000 stores in the next ten years

New York (CNN Business)It may seem like there’s already a Starbucks on every corner. But the company is still planning on adding tens of thousands more locations in the coming decade.

Starbucks said at an investor event Wednesday that it plans to increase its store count to about 55,000 by 2030, up from roughly 33,000 today. The company is betting that by flooding the market with new types of stores, including smaller locations and ones with drive-thru and curbside pickup, it will be able to steal more customers from the competition.
«Though we are growing off a large base, there is ample room to expand in regions where the Starbucks brand is less penetrated,» said Roz Brewer, the company’s chief operating officer, on Wednesday. She noted that Starbucks has a «particular focus on high volume, high margin, suburban drive-thrus.»

Hemos trabajado junto a personas, cooperativas, organizaciones, empresas, asociaciones y gobiernos que están trabajando con dedicación hacia la sustentabilidad real en el sector cafetero. Seguimos plenamente comprometidos con la promoción de la sostenibilidad, la superación de la fragmentación y el trabajo conjunto para mejorar los medios de vida, los ecosistemas y la resiliencia de las comunidades cafeteras de todo el mundo.

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